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Application Performance Monitor 4.0.2

Application Performance Monitor 4.0.2: Monitoring Critical Apps and Servers Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable Application Performance Monitoring Highlights: * Get at-a-glance insight into the health of your physical and virtual applications and server infrastructure- all through a single pane of glass * Monitor virtually any application and the underlying servers it runs on using out-of-the-box monitors or templates from the Community Content Exchange on thwack * Keep an eye on the complex, multi-tier application architectures that are unique to your business

Free WMI Monitor 1.0.1: Our free WMI Monitor monitors any Windows application or server.
Free WMI Monitor 1.0.1

Monitor Highlights: - Monitor real-time performance metrics on any Windows server or application - Leverage a large selection of pre-built and community generated application templates - Modify or design your own application templates with the built-in WMI browser - Share your application templates with the world - one click posts your template to - Use the application templates from WMI Monitor with Orion Application Performance Monitor

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Serial Port Monitor ActiveX 3.0: Detect serial port activity in a system with Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control
Serial Port Monitor ActiveX 3.0

Monitor ActiveX is a powerful, advanced and absolutely unique component that can be easily implemented into developers’ applications to monitor any serial port in a system. The product can be used for debugging applications that work with serial port, serial port monitoring applications development, development of system utilities to intercept communication data from COM ports for further analysis. This ActiveX Control offers a wide range of events

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Serial Com Port Monitor 4.0: Monitor serial data exchange between serial devices and any Windows application.
Serial Com Port Monitor 4.0

Monitor the best choice for professional developers. You will be able to monitor, track, log and analyze the work of any application or serial device. Serial Port Monitor connects to a com port, opened by any application or hardware and starts monitoring it. From now on, all the data that goes through the monitored port will show in this monitoring tool. Everything is captured in real-time, so you can track down problems immediately. You can also

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Handy Startup Monitor 1.10: Control and Manage the applications your computer executes when it starts up.
Handy Startup Monitor 1.10

applications. Handy Startup Monitor allows you to manage those applications and help you speed up your windows startup. Also Handy Startup Monitor allows you to monitor the registry & the startUp folders and alerts you whenever any application add or remove itself to/from the Startup hence it can protects you from malicious software that may running at the windows startup. Benefits: * Manage the startup applications. * Handy Startup Monitor helps

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Ambisight Bulk Website Monitor 1.1.02

Monitor application is a Windows based piece of software which can be used to determine if multiple websites are online at any one time. Whereas most website monitoring applications monitor a single Internet URL this piece of software can be used to check hundreds all at the same time to ensure that they are online. Simply paste or enter in the list of Internet Addresses you would like to monitor and press the "Check Domain" button. The software

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Network Traffic Monitor Pro 1.0: Displays information about the Internet Traffic made by programs on your machine
Network Traffic Monitor Pro 1.0

application or per network adapter.Network Traffic Monitor is able to display the current open ports on your machine and active connections. For every connection the software provides detailed information about the application/service, connection status,remote IP address and port, upload and download rates. Network Traffic Monitor is customisable, giving you the ability to select the network adapters you want to monitor, the details for each application

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